Corporate Programs

Workplace Bullying

No one deserves or asks to be bullied. Everyone has the right to work in an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and
violence. Employers and employees have duties by law (e.g., Occupational Health and Safety Acts) to comply with any measures in place to promote health and safety within the workplace and not to put themselves or their colleagues at risk. Topics include: the kinds of psychological and social bullying; physical attacks and threats; the effects on the victim; why do people bully; your rights; what you can do if bullied.

Personal Protection and Security

Martial Arts

We offer workplace martial arts classes in Karate, aikido, muay Thai kickboxing, boxing and padwork fitness.

Group Fitness Sessions

These sessions are high energy and high intensity sessions designed to address all of the components of fitness in a challenging and rewarding format which will teach participants proper exercise and training concepts, nutritional principles and encourage a real group dynamic. These sessions are great for building self esteem, team work and a positive mindset. Participants experience an increase in health, fitness and an enhanced sense of wellbeing which carries over into all aspects of their lives.


  • Corporate Seminars

  • Martial Arts Seminars

Our seminars and workshops are available to a wide range of client groups including martial arts clubs and associations, corporate clients, schools and community organizations. Seminar content varies depending on client requirements but can include any or all of the following areas of self protection, awareness and conflict management.

  • Awareness, Assessment & Avoidance Techniques

  • Target Hardening

  • “The Fence” Concepts

  • Restrictive Training

  • Impact Techniques

  • Grappling & Ground Fighting

Our seminars are fun, rewarding and available to all ages, adults and children. Women’s only classes and seminars are also available. Seminars are usually half or full day in duration, and can vary depending on client requirements. Shorter sessions are also available. Please contact us to discuss your needs.