At Zanshin Martial Arts & Fitness, we take great pride in watching your child develop the many skills that training in the martial arts teaches them.The martial arts give your child an enormous head start in life. Our kids’ classes are focused and challenging. The standards are high, yet achievable. In just a short time we can create an impressive change in your child’s behaviour. The martial arts teach respect, focus, concentration and the power of a positive mental attitude. We make it fun and safe! Our specialised curriculum teaches children valuable self-protection and life skills and builds confidence and self esteem. Plus, every class provides a safe, fun, high energy workout that motivates children to reach new levels of mental and physical performance.

They learn goal setting and experience the rewards of their achievements, while gaining physical self defence and life skills that will last a lifetime. Themes of the week, such as; “Honesty”, “Integrity” and “Respect” help focus the students inside the karate school and outside it too, with their peers, social settings, home and at school. Your child will love their martial arts class because they have a great time with old friends, meet new friends and gain the greatest thing they can ever earn – a sense of self and accomplishment.

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