Zanshin Martial Arts

Zanshin Martial Arts & Fitness offers martial arts training in Zen Do Kai Freestyle karate, a martial art that came to Australia from Okinawa via Japan. Since 1970, it has evolved to represent “the best of all things in progression”, an art that recognises its cultural and historical origins while acknowledging the qualities and principles of other combat systems. Zen Do Kai includes techniques and principles from karate, muay Thai, boxing, aikido and Japanese weaponry. Zen Do Kai offers an exciting and dynamic physical, emotional and intellectual journey to dedicated students.

Soke Bob Jones (the Founder), Kyoshi Sean Bowring and Kyoshi Billy Manne

Our classes teach that Martial Arts is not just about kicking and punching, but about building confidence and life skills that will benefit you in everyday life. Our programs improve speed and agility, precision and timing, harmony of mind and body, conflict resolution and self management.