School Programs

Self Defence and Awareness

We offer a comprehensive self defence program with an emphasis on awareness and avoidance rather than conflict. Participants learn about the colour code stages of awareness, avoidance skills, verbal de-escalation, verbal and non-verbal cues to an impending attack and verbal, psychological and physical pre-emption.

Other topics include: the Law and Self Defence, Do’s and Don’ts, the Fence concept, the Psychology of Victims and Attackers, Target Hardening, Impact and Distraction Techniques and the 5 A’s concept of personal safety.


Our Bullying program discusses a range of relevant issues including:

  • The nature of bullying, including the three main categories

  • Strategies for intervention and management;

  • Is bullying really harmful?

  • Cyber-bullying.

Martial Arts

We offer intra and extra curriculum martial arts classes in karate, aikido, kickboxing, boxing, padwork fitness and martial arts fitness sessions.

Group Fitness sessions

These sessions are high energy and high intensity sessions designed to address all of the components of fitness in a challenging and rewarding format which will teach participants proper exercise and training concepts, nutritional principles and encourage a real and positive group dynamic.

All instructors and presenters are experienced, fully qualified martial artists and personal trainers with a current Working With Children Check.

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